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Get a Ceramic Smile Design with Doctor Neguib and we include a FREE dental cleaning with ultrasound and round-trip transportation, airport – hotel – office. *DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR TICKETS AND ACCOMMODATION.

We are located in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia 🇨🇴 Near Cartagena, Col (🚗 1:30 Hours) and Santamarta, Col (🚗 2 Hours)

- Miami - Barranquilla ✈️ 3 hours (direct)
- New York - Barranquilla ✈️ 8 hours

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It is important to note that smile design is not suitable for all patients. Before determining eligibility, we require an accurate evaluation. Please send photos and videos of your teeth so we can determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. This precaution guarantees satisfactory and personalized results.

We hope to receive your images soon!

Welcome to Clear3D Digital Dentistry.

One of the main objectives of Smile Design is to imitate the teeth as naturally and aesthetically as possible, depending on the specific needs of each patient. The possibility of achieving that goal has been significantly improved due to the use of new technologies and improved esthetic dental materials.

We simplify the digital workflow, through our Clear3D Smile Design technique in 6 easy-to-understand steps for anyone.

by Doctor Neguib

Paso 1

Dental Photography

First, we need a complete set of high-resolution photographs to analyze and diagnose the smile.

Paso 2

Digital Dental Scanner

The second step is to scan the patient's teeth to make a digital design of the new smile in editing software on the PC.

Paso 3

Digital Smile Design.

In the Editing Software, we perform a digital wax-up where we modify the shape and size of the teeth.

Paso 4

3D printing of the digital wax-up.

After the clear 3D glasses were designed, they are printed on a 3D printer with high-precision castable resin.

Paso 5

Ceramic Injection

The clea3d lenses printed in resin are taken to an oven, where they are melted and the ceramic is injected.

Paso 6

Adaptation and Cementation

The Clear3D Ceramic Lenses are adapted and given the final shine for subsequent cementation in the patient's mouth.

Final Result / Clear3D Smile Design


Other Treatments!

Dental cleaning

The hygiene phase is mandatory, you could lose your treatment just by skipping this phase, it consists of doing a deep cleaning with ultrasound.

$60 USD c/u

Gum Surgery

Gingivectomy is gum trimming, I would say I do it in 30% of my cases and it is done before placing the clear3d dental contact lenses.

$60 USD c/u


A high-esthetic resin filling with nanoparticles (tooth-colored filling) is used to repair a tooth that has cavities.

$60 USD c/u

Whitening Zoom

In the first appointment, an impression is taken to get some mold in which the very comfortable and soft sheets or trays will be made.

3 sessions $200 USD

Dental implant

A dental implant is a screw-shaped titanium component that replaces the root of a natural tooth. The crown or bridge is placed on the dental implant, which will physically be the same as the natural tooth.

$700 USD c/u

Ceramic Crown/Bridge

The dental crown is a cover that is cemented on the damaged tooth or implant. The dental bridge is a structure composed of crowns that are placed between two teeth or implants. 

$700 USD c/u


A Smile Design is personalized depending on the needs of each patient, normally we make 8 to 10 teeth (Clear3D Veneers) only on the upper part and the final price will depend on that, now look at this example.

What if things change with one of the following options?

- Make cavities. (the price would increase)

- Or if you better need 16 or 20 veneers and not 8 (the price would increase)

- Or if you will need gum surgery (the price would increase)

The price will change drastically and that is why at NEGUIB SMILE, we never say Exactly how much a smile design costs, because you don't really know what you need, an in-person or virtual assessment is always necessary, but with the price list that I leave you here for each procedure you can have an idea.